Connecting Healthcare

Connecting Healthcare


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Enter Details and sign up to create your hospital login. You can create your healthcare website, add doctors, Schedule their consultation, and launch the mobile app to connect with your patients.

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To see how a hospital website created with hodo will look like you can check here at www.keralahospital.com

Hodo Connect

With hodo connect now you can connect your practise with pharmacies, labs and radiological centres located nearby. Your patients just need to show their cards to the connected labs and pharmacies where they can access the prescriptions and lab requests in a paperless way.

Hodo For Pharmacy

Pharmacies can sign up here and connect with your doctors. With hodo you can add and view the prescriptions of the patients sent to you by the doctors connected with you.
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Hodo For Lab

Labs can sign up here to stay connected. Lab requests sent to your centre from various doctors can be seen and updated from the lab logn. The results get updated on the patient mobile .
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Hodo For Radiology Center

Sign up now to get connected with nearby doctors and see their requests send to your centre. update the results live and connect with your patients on real time.
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